Carriage returns in one field?

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Di Apr 29 05:13:10 CEST 1997

Luk Vanlanduyt (landuyt at schrieb:

> ... I have to import a text-file 
> ... the textfile to import has in its annotation fields,
> several carriages Returns (13 10). And, I suppose that in 
> Allegro-C, it is not possible to keep those carriages returns 
> in the field (f.e.98x).

Yes, I would say also that it is imposible to have within a 
field of Allegro data record the carriage return codes.

> My question is twofold:
> 1. is my supposition - that Allegro-C can't contain a Carriage 
> Returns in one field - correct?


> 2. If carriage returns can hold, is there a special conversion
> (Konvertierungsbefehl) for it?

Yes, there is a appropriate substitution. If you convert 13 10 to 
the (within the allegro world) very special code 20, by a gobal 
or local substitution embedded in the import process, then you will 
see in the display of allegro records on the screen really the same 
effect like a carriage return. 

Ah, finally, looking in the system manual, I found it and I can say 
you, that in 2.5 (page 81 of the last edition) is described what in 
german is called Zeilenvorschub-Steuerung or Absatz-Endezeichen, just 
represented by the code 20 (ASCII decim.).

Yours sincerely:

Heinrich Allers

Goethe-Institut, M"unchen
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