Carriage returns in one field?

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Di Apr 29 08:53:33 CEST 1997

> Luk Vanlanduyt (landuyt at wrote:
> ... I have to import a text-file 
> ... the textfile to import has in its annotation fields,
> several carriages Returns (13 10). And, I suppose that in 
> Allegro-C, it is not possible to keep those carriages returns 
> in the field (f.e.98x).
The codes 13 10 cannot be contained within an "allegro" record.
They can be replaced during import by a command like

_ 13 10
_ 20

which substitutes the code 20 for the 13 10 combination.
This can be done globally or locally (for one field) (Handbook

H. Allers said the code 20 represents a line break. That is not
generally true. Any character can be turned into a line break. What
you have to do is place a command like

p x 255

into your export parameters. Since we normally have

p 20 255

people tend to think this character 20 is reserved for that purpose.
It is not, but once you choose one character for this function, you
have to stick to it, of course, and see that you install this line
in all export parameters.

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