Carriage returns in one field?

Vanlanduyt Luk 7400 at
Mo Apr 28 20:12:00 CEST 1997

Dear Colleagues,

Sorry for my language, but yes, allegro... is also used in our highschool.

I have perhaps a simple problem for you. I have to import a text-file into
an allegro-datenbank. I know it is possible, and i have done it already
sometimes. But now, the textfile to import has in its annotation fields,
several carriages Returns (13 10). And, I suppose that in Allegro-C, it is
not possible to keep those carriages returns in the field (f.e.98x). 

My question is twofold:
1. is my supposition - that Allegro-C can't contain a Carriage Returns in
one field - correct? 
2. If carriage returns can hold, is there a special conversion
(Konvertierungsbefehl) for it?

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