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Date sent:      Tue,  4 Feb 1997 22:38:09 +0200 (UKR)
From:           "Alex M. Kostyshin" <alex at>
Subject:        Re: INTAS Project Participation

     1.   According to the INTAS rules the projects has to involve
at  least  four  research teams, two from different NIS  (ex-USSR)
organizations, and two from different INTAS member states (Western
     2.  One team leader from one of the INTAS members must act as
coordinator   of   the  project.  He  will  assume   the   overall
responsibility of the execution of the cooperation agreement.
     3.   Right  now  it  is necessary to find  the  second  INTAS
member, so we need Your help if it is possible.
     4.   With  the partners from our side we're working  out  the
project proposal. Here is the draft prerelease of it:


     SUMMARY  OF  THE  PROJECT: "A model for a virtual  scientific
     DURATION: 24 months (starting date - Sep-97)
     PARTICIPANTS:    Germany    (B.   Eversberg,    co-ordinator,
Braunschweig),   INTAS   member  (??),   Ukraine   (V.   Shirokov,
A.Kostyshin, V.Manako - Kiev; O. Saban - Lviv), Russia  (possibely
Ya. Schreiberg - Moscow).
     The  goal of the proposed project is the development  of  the
detailed  model  of a Virtual Scientific Library  (VSL)  -  a  new
electronic  information  infrastructure  for  store,  publish  and
disseminate the products of scientific research.
     According to the general model of the VSR
        (1) individual academic institutions and universities becomes
      electronic publishers of their own research products.  These
      document-like collections are stored in a local-site depositaries;
        (2) a document is published when its details appears in a central
      national cataloguing database. Authors and publishers have to
      provide an abstract and minimum number of metadata elements for
      each document in a form that automated resource discovery tools
      could collect;
        (3)  end-users have access to this central database via Internet.

     The  team's approach includes the following objectives of the
        a. the  development  of the detailed model  VSR  including
      architecture, infrastructure, locator information, new access and
      usage services, new organizational relationships and mechanisms,
      legal and economic issues, modes of conversion, emerging common
      standards, technologies and best practices, etc.;
        b. localization and internationalization of the model VSR;
        c. integration of VSR into library and information technology
        d. the development of a rapid prototype strategy for NIS;
        e. description of managing process of a VSR building;
        f. validation of the VSR and creation of a VSR WWW-Host.

     The   research  activities  of  the  project  lies   in   the
integration of existing standards and technologies in the field of
networking and electronic publishing and consolidation of  results
of current national and international pioneer projects.

     The expected results of the project are:
        1. "Description of the detailed model VSR";
        2. "Strategy of building a rapid prototype VSR for NIS";
        3. description of the common standards, technologies and best
        practices for VSR in NIS;
        4. a list of potential participants for building VSR in NIS.
        5. a collection of information VSR WWW-Server including our
        project, reports, publications, working papers etc.;

As I had mentioned above, this is a very draft prerelease of the project, but
our team is hardly workin on it. If You can, help us to find the other project
participant from INTAS-member country. Sure You can show to this person this
material and the other, we'll send You as soon as possible.
        I hope to cooperate with You & Your colleagues in this field, thanx in

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