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> Since you are doing business on the 'net, you know that properly
> targeting your advertising messages can be pretty tough.  And banner
> ads are still way too expensive
> Instead of paying for "impressions" to a general audience, wouldn't
> you rather know that you sent your message directly to the appropriate
> audience?
> US World News & Reports came out with an article on Monday May 12,
> 1997 finding that  "70% of Internet users don't mind receiving
> commercial email messages - as long as they are targeted to their
> personal interests"
> I found that you are doing business on the net by using "Extractor
> PRO" commercial email software.  You, too, can send commercial
> e-mail to those who are interested in what you have to offer,
> whatever it is - and it's so inexpensive!
> Once you own the software, you can build your very own Highly Targeted 
> Mailing List, then send your ad out to your targeted mailing list at the push 
> of a button.
> "You may never have to pay for other forms of advertising again!"
> "HotWired" Magazine says, "Extractor Pro simplifies the process of
> gathering and managing email addresses from AOL, Usenet, mailing
> lists, and other public sources."  Feb. 11, 1997
> Extractor PRO is loaded with targeting power, high-speed, a
> user-friendly feel, Online Wizards, Smart Help and Awesome Video
> Training via "CyberSchool".  No other commercial email software is as
> easy to use and understand.  Extractor PRO really makes advertising
> economical. 
> Just check out the website - you'll be impressed!  With your order
> before Sept. 30, 1997 you'll also receive a free website submission
> service, World Launch - we'll submit your website to over 200 of the
> hottest search engines, and also offer you 2000 Free Classified Sites
> AND Free powerful tips to get your site noticed by the search engines!
>  ($40 value)
> For more information, simply point your WebBrowser to:
> If you prefer to watch our virus free online movie just click here
> Thank you for your time.
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> To be removed from this business list, simply reply to this message
> with the word, "Remove" in the subject heading, and Extractor PRO will
> automatically remove you from the list.

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