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Das ist die zweite Mail aus dieser Quelle, beide vom gleichen Kaliber. Kann
der Absender hinausgeworfen werden oder so etwas?

Gruss, Koczian

At 16:04 08.07.97 EST, you wrote:
>"Get Rich Quick - Chain Letters - MLM - Millionaires"
>What's your dream?  A new car?  A new home?
>Financial security?  I sincerely believe that these
>dreams - and others - are available on the WWW.
>With Internet Marketing, your income is limited
>only by your ambition and your willingness to
>Over the past year, I've personally invested over 
>$50,000 in the research and development of what 
>I consider to be the most viable and realistic Internet
>Business Opportunities. 
>It is my plan to share my knowledge and maraketing
>experience of over 30 years with a limited number
>of Associates throughout the world.
>You can be one of those Associates.  You can
>realize your personal financial dreams.
>A well known adage goes, "today is the first day of
>the rest of your life" - another, "if you always do
>what you've always done, you'll always get what
>you've always gotten."
>I'd like to help you change your future.  I'd like
>to help you find your dream.  For, I believe
>sincerely, through helping others realize their
>hopes and dreams, I can realize my goals.
>My name is Jack Shearin and I'm the Founder of
>Internet Marketing Group International.  This
>organization is dedicated, as its name implies,
>to the marketing of products and services over
>the Internet.
>I'd like to extend my personal invitation to you to
>visit our Web Site at http://www.imgi.com to
>check out what is perhaps one of the most exciting
>Home-Based Business Opportunities in 'Cyberia'.
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