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Mi Jul 2 23:32:16 CEST 1997

If you are doing Bulk Emailing then you know
how time consuming the collection (extraction)
of addresses can be.

At a rate of even 5,000 address per hour, it will
take a dedicated computer and Internet connection
24 hours, 7 days a week, 30 days a month, to 
collect 3,600,000 addresses.

At this rate, it would require approximately SEVEN
MONTHS to extract 25,000,000 addresses.

If you are marketing on the Internet and want to
use bulk emailing for your business, this SPECIAL
OFFER should be of interest to you.

LIST is being made available through this special
offer for only $199 on CD ROM.

That’s right -

25 Million Addresses for $199.00!  To order this
CD Rom, go to www.imgi.com, click on "Place an Order",
and fill out the form on that page, placing an order for
item number 100024 (using the "Other" row).

We are not placing this offer as a regular row on our Place
an Order page because it is a limited time offer that will
not be available for very long.  We regularly charge
$999.00 for twenty-five million e-mail addresses (look at
our order page), which is a very competitive rate compared
to other organizations in this business.  $199 for this large
of a list is a real steal and will not last for long.

This message is a one-time mailing so it is not necessary
for your to request that your name be REMOVED from
future mailings.

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