Drucken aus dem Cockpit, Windows 95

Dierk Hoeppner HO at buch.biblio.etc.tu-bs.de
Do Jan 23 08:04:41 CET 1997

Hier eine Bemerkung vom Kollegen David Helliwell aus Oxford zu dem Thema, 
die wohl einige Experimente mit alten DOS-Versionen und Win 95 eruebrigt.

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I've been following this little dialogue today, and am sending you a 
private note as my German is too frightful to permit a reply through 
the discussion list.

I ran into a related problem when I was forced into the Windows world 
at the end of '95. Although PRINT is not part of the standard Win95 
DOS installation, I seem to remember that it CAN be installed from the
CD-ROM, if required. However, it worked very erratically, and very 
slowly. Sometimes, it didn't work at all. (By the way, TREE is also 
now non-standard, but available if required.)



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