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> ..... 
>         Here you find some general questions we 've. We hope that solutions
> are coming in next time. As you see the situation here from Belgium, I'm
> sure that Allegro offers all possibities but only the OPAC-version should be
> more clear.
> 1. OPAC-version?
>         I've the impression that the question about the OPAC-module isn't in
> discussion. We follow our students and expire that without any instruction=
> they have a lot of problems esp. about combined search. ....

Yes, and there is one problem more, a very old and rather 
fundamental one:

The impossibility to make in a allegro data base (by 
quick access, PRESTO or APAC) a search expressed by the 
following logic expression:

    (A and B) or (C and D)

As an example:

If you want to look in a data base of german and english
language documents for titles about climatic change, then
in a very rough search you can work, in order to make more
simple the example, with truncation on position 5, and then
you have to translate the logic expression

   (CLIMA and CHANG) or (KLIMA and WECHS)

in a practical and real allegro data base quick access 

But to do this is really impossible!!!

This is what I'm missing most in allegro's "on line 
public access catalogue's" features.


Um Himmels Willen, ich will hiermit nicht Englisch als
Amtssprache der Allegro-Liste propagieren! Ich freute 
mich nur "ber das Ma"s an Internationalit"at, das der
Liste mit dem Beitrag von Luk Vanlanduyt zuteil wurde,
und wollte unseren belgischen Kollegen mit der in 
meinem miesen Englisch gehaltenen Ausweitung seiner
Fragestellung willkommen hei"sen!

Mit besten Gr"u"sen:

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