Allegro-Indexierung und QEMM

Heinrich Allers ALLERS at
Mi Sep 15 16:03:10 CEST 1993

Hat schon einmal jemand beim Indexieren Probleme mit QEMM, dem
Arbeitsspeicherfreischaufelungshilfsprogramm, gehabt?

Ich ja, schon oefter, und immer im ungelegendsten Moment; jetzt gerade
wieder mit folgender Meldung:

OK, es geht los

Saetze   Sekunden     Schluessel  Schl./sec
Exception 13: Your computer has attempted to execute an invalid
due to an error in one of your programs, a conflict between two
or a conflict between a program and a hardware device

This is not a QEMM error, but QEMM is reporting the error so you will
what happened and so you can terminate your program.  Without QEMM,
system would have crashed without warning or explanation.  It is
that the system is unstable now and should be rebooted.

You should write down the information below and see the QEMM manual's
troubleshooting section for information on resolving this problem.
If the
suggestions in the QEMM manual do not help, please consult the
of the program you were running when this error occurred.

         Exception #13 at 07BF:561C, error code: 0000
         AX=0001 BX=000A CX=0132 DX=0FD9 SI=FFFF DI=676D BP=0F22
         DS=0000 ES=6E65 SS=3A54 SP=0F1C Flags=7617
         Instruction: F3 A5 73 05 03 F0 03 F8 A4 FC 1F 5F 5E 5D CB

Press T to (T)erminate the program or R to (R)eboot.  If your system
not respond, switch your machine off and on again.

Wer kann mit Erfahrungen und Loesungen helfen?

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