[Allegro] IQ test - participation is requested.

ta te talentests at gmail.com
Di Aug 19 22:17:57 CEST 2008

Hello Group Moderator and Members,

I am Tate. I need your help in calibrating the IQ test recently I created at

I am looking for members to take this test so that I can calibrate the test
to measure the IQ of individuals accurately. Since this group is related to
students of colleges and schools I hope members are interested to take this
test. Your participation in this test to help the calibration of Test is
highly appreciated.

Your IQ is a measure of your Intelligence. An ideal IQ test aims at
measuring general intelligence, academic skills, technical skills and
intuitive skills of an individual.

This test is general IQ test designed for all and it takes 15 minutes to
complete the test. Interested members may please take the test at

After completing the test you will be sent an email containing comprehensice
test report.

Take the test here

I hope you understand this post and do not treat this as spam.


P.S: The most interesting thing about talenttests is that anybody can create
tests by signing up. Their test creating interface is amazing though the
absence of help makes it difficult for an average user to understand. Whats
really amazing is that with the help of it you can create most comprehensive
tests and advanced surveys just with a few clicks. If you have time justroam
it once.

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