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> Betreff:        Announcing Free 3D Software Demo!
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> Attention Web Designers and Graphics Artists:
> Make the ordinary 3D extraordinary--quickly, easily and 
> inexpensively!
> CrystalGraphics is proud to announce our new 3D graphics 
> software, Crystal 3D IMPACT!.  For over 10 years, we've 
> been at the forefront of the 3D computer graphics revolution, 
> winning awards for our easy-to-use, fast rendering, high-quality 
> software. With Crystal 3D IMPACT!, you can very easily create 
> photorealistic still or animated 3D text, logos and other objects 
> to enhance your web sites, banner ads, videos and 
> presentations.  And Crystal 3D IMPACT! renders incredibly fast 
> so you'll create cool 3D stills and animations quicker than ever.
> As Anthony Squires, Web Developer of 3D Concepts Design 
> states, 
> "It's the best product like this I've ever seen!"  
> So, go ahead and take a few minutes to download our FREE
> trial version of this new easy-to-use, 3D graphics software for 
> Windows 95 or NT.  For your FREE Crystal 3D IMPACT! 
> download, please visit:
> 1. ItAEs free!
> 2. It will make your web sites, banner ads, videos and 
> presentations look better!
> 3. ItAEs really easy to use!
> 4. ItAEs at least 3 times faster than the competition!
> 5. Its photorealistic output will impress everyone!
> 6. It includes valuable 3D "clipart" objects!
> 7. The animated dialogue boxes look really cool and help 
> you bevel, add surface materials and assign motions in seconds!
> 8. It supports real-time preview rendering!
> 9. ItAEs compatible with web authoring, digital video editing and 
> presentation software!
> 10. Browsers donAEt need plug-ins to see its 3D animated output!
> Again, hereAEs where you can find your FREE trial version of 
> Crystal 3D IMPACT!: 
> Thank you.
> CrystalGraphics
> 408-496-6175
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> CrystalGraphics product specials, please reply to this 
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