MARC Testdatenbank verbessert

Bernhard Eversberg EV at
Mi Jan 31 08:42:22 CET 1996

Die gestern angekuendigte Testdatenbank mit USMARC Daten des neuen,
"integrierten" Standards wurde verbessert. Wir stellen ein Update
bereit, das man einfach installieren kann, wenn man die Datenbank als
solche schon hat - man braucht dann nicht nochmal die ganzen 300K
Hier, der Einfachheit halber, die Original-Message, die wir an die 
USMARC Liste geschickt haben:

Update available for the Format Integration database

Following our announcement yesterday of a Format Integration test
database, several enquiries have prompted some improvements.
An extra index has been added to the test database, as part of
the index 8. Here's a sample segment, showing part of the 600s:

   1   585   $aRepe$5DLC
   3==>600 00$3Mate$aFore$bNume$cWord$dDate$eRela$fDate$gMisc$hMedi$kForm$lLang$
   2   600 00$3Mate$aSing$bNume$cWord$dDate$eRela$fDate$gMisc$hMedi$kForm$lLang$
   1   600 00$aCont$d1955
  11   600 04$aFore
   5   600 10$aDefa
   1   600 10$aHarr$d1858
   1   600 10$aJenk$etest$vForm$vForm
   2   600 11$aSing$cWord$cWord$eRela$eRela$kForm$kForm$mMedi$mMedi$nNumb$nNumb$
   3   600 11$aSing$cWord$cWord$eRela$eRela$kForm$kForm$mMedi$mMedi$nNumb$nNumb$
   1   600 14$aFran$d1706$vForm$vForm$xJour$zFran
   1   600 14$aFran$d1706$xJour$zFran
   1   600 14$aHory$dca. $xFami
   1   600 14$aJenk$d1946$eauth
   7   600 15$aSing
   5   600 17$aSing$2Sour
   5   600 22$aMult
   5   600 26$aMult
   5   600 33$aFami
   2   610 00$3Mate$aCorp$bSubo$cLoca$dDate$eRela$fDate$gMisc$hMedi$kForm$lLang$
   3   610 00$3Mate$aCorp$bSubo$cLoca$dDate$eRela$fDate$gMisc$hMedi$kForm$lLang$
   7   610 03$aCorp

You see all the marc tags occurring in the test database plus all of the
subfields the actual fields contain, but just the first 4 characters of
any subfield. ($ represents the subfield code here; in reality, it is that
small triangle, ASCII 31).
Now you can easily find records containing specific fields. You just type
856 <Enter>, for example, to find records containing the new 856.

Lines that are too long for the screen can be viewed in full by pressing
the '#' character. You then get a display window showing the full line:
(The line on which the arrow is positioned gets expanded)
   5   600 10$aDefa
   1   600 10$+--------------------------------------------------------------+
   1   600 10$|600 11$aSing$cWord$cWord$eRela$eRela$kForm$kForm$mMedi$mMedi$n|
   2   600 11$|Numb$nNumb$pName$pName$vForm$vForm$xGene$xGene$yChro$yChro$zGe| $
   3==>600 11$|og$zGeog$4Rela$4Rela                                          | $
   1   600 14$|                                                              |
   1   600 14$+--------------------------------------------------------------+
   1   600 14$aHory$dca. $xFami

Also improved was the record display, or rather, we added an alternative
display showing every field with a brief name tag.
Here's an example:

CtrlNo:               #001   95061111
CtrlNoId:             #003 DLC
DateOfChange:         #005 19950928
FixedFields:          #008 950928s1971    dcua          000 0 eng
LCCardNr:             #010   $a 95061111
ISBN:                 #020   $a0824070933(acid free)
LocalSysNr:           #035   $a(OCoLC)
CatSource:            #040   $aDLC$cDLC
LanguageCode:         #041 0 $aengkor$bfre$dspa$espa$fger$gjpn$hswa$hper
GeogrArea:            #043   $an-ust--
LCCallNr:             #050 00$aE78.S7
NLMCallNr:            #060  0$aRA10
NALCallNr:            #070 0 $aHD281.I5$bno.5
ClassScheme:          #084   $a06.71$b21$2rgasnti
M.E.Person:           #100 1 $aParezo, Nancy J.
Title:                #245 10$aTest record for FI 1995 (aka 3,
     3B).$pMigration test$b[Testing: 600, 610, 611, 630, including all
     indicators and subfield codes (both repeatable and non-
     repeatable]$sNancy J. Parezo, Ruth M. Perry, Rebecca Allen
Edition:              #250   $a1st ed.

Now here's how to get the updated version:

Case A: you already have the first version: then proceed like this
------------------------------------------  (it saves ftp time!)
<your e-mail address>
cd formate
get marcup.exe

Copy MARCUP.EXE to the directory where you have your testbase, then say
and after everything has extracted itself, use the new command


to see the extra index and the tagged display.

Case B: You don't have the test database yet: then do this
(you get the full, improved version this way, update included;
the new files are dated Jan 31)

<your e-mail address>
cd formate
get marcup.exe

Copy FORMINT.EXE to any subdirectory, then say
and all files will be extracted. Then start using either
go     (ISBD display)
tag    (tagged display)
to use the database.

In case of trouble, and for more information: read the README file.

Regards, B.E.

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