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Operator root
Di Dez 21 03:46:52 CET 1993

Dear user,

your amount of disk space is exceeded. Usually this is due to a lot of
long forgotten dvi- or ps-files, which were created by TeX. If this is
the case, you may get rid of them by using "rm", which removes all the
files that you give as arguments to this command.

There also is the possibility that you have a lot of stuff collected in
your home directory; if you do not want to throw away things, you might
try to compress single large files that you do not need frequently; the
command for compressing is "gzip"  followed by the name of the file you
want to  compress. This procedure replaces  the uncompressed file  by a 
new one with extension ".z" and usually dramatically reduces the amount
of space needed.

Of course there may be situations in which none of the above applies to
your problem. In this case there is no other solution  than to increase
the amount of disk space for you. To do this we need a short note. This
note may either be sent via e-mail to  root, or you come  to room 14/15
and talk to the people there.

That is it. Thanks for your cooperation,
                                   System management

Note: Please take into account that this message is created automatically
without human intervention; in case of any problems please do not hesitate
to contact real people in room 14/15.

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